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Reading Test

Below you will find a reading test for you to try different reding glasses when reding on computers, tablets and smartphones. Ideally would be if you used different types of reading glasses, and you can try out what is best experienced.

It is important to not just evaluate if the small text can be read, or how poor contrast you can manage, but also how relaxed and comfortable it is experienced. Keep in mind that the distance to the screen affects your reading and comfort. Does it feel more comfortable and is easier to read if your smartphone is closer to your eyes? Or is it the other way around, it feels better further away?

Experiment with different types of reading glasses, different strengths and different distances.


What is light?



  The visible light is part of the electromagnetic radiation. 
  The wavelength decides the properties of the radiation.
  Electromagnetic radiation always moves in the speed of light, which means that there is a bound relationship between frequency and wavelength.



Depending on the wavelength, the radiation affects us in different ways.

  Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength, the more impact it has on us.
  Gamma rays can kill living cells at a high intensity and X-rays in high concentrations may cause cancer.
  Radio waves at the other end of the spectrum hardly affects us at all, they pass through our bodies without much impact.



The eye is affected in the same way as the rest of the body.

  The eye also has to let in and detect the visible light. 
  This makes it so that even the UV-light gets in and is allowed to affect the structures in the eye.
  UV-light speeds up the aging of the eye and may cause both cataract and macular degeneration.

When the visible light passes through the eye’s 


Refracting surfaces the different wavelengths are broken up to different degrees

  The blue part of the spectrum is affected the most and causes a distortion on the retina.
  The filter’s job is to block this light. Many who have tried our filters experience an increased comfort, sharpness and contrast.
  Especially patients with an impaired vision who have higher requirements that the information that reaches the retina should be as clear and sharp as possible.