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ML RP Monocle

For tunnel vision and needs of wider perspective

The ML RP Monocle looks like a magnifier that you have in a strap around your neck. Instead of magnifying, ML RP Monocle minifies. This means a wider filed of view.

To use it you simply hold it out on an arm’s length distance and look through it at the object you want to see.


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People with a reduced visual field will not be helped by enlarging the object that they are looking at. What they need is an aid that minifies the image. This offers the advantage of widening the field of vision which compensates for the loss of visual field for a person suffering from, for example, Retinitis Pigmentosa. This makes it a lot easier to orientate.

Avalible Only When Needed

ML RP Monocle is carried in a strap around the neck (or in your pocket). When thw user needs a wider field of view, he/she picks up the monocle and looks at the object through it. The monocle will minify the object and make it possible for the patient to see it despite his/hers reduced field of vision.

Easy to Prescribe

ML Monocle is a standard, of the shelf, product. It comes in one power so there is no need to stock different versions. Furthermore, it is an easy tool for patients to try and evaluate. Any correction that might be needed should be incorporated into the wearers glasses, and not in the ML RP Monocle. 

Hight Index Organic Lens

The lens is made of high index organic material including ML Prima. The standard power of the lens is -7, but ML RP Monocle is avalible also in powers -8 and -9.

The handle is made of metal.