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An aid that increases the visual field can be the solution for orientation for people with visual field loss.

Aid for Tunnel Vision

ML RP is a optical system that is mounted into a frame. The system makes the image smaller which means a wider field of view. A good analogue is to compare the ML RP with a peephole for doors.

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Magnification: 0.5X
Opening-angel: 54º
Correction-limit: ± 8 - 4 
Weight: 4 grams


People with a reduced visual field will not be helped by enlarging the object that they are looking at. What they need is an aid that reduces the object, in much the way that a doors peephole does. This offers the advantage of widening the field of vision, which compensates for the loss of visual field for a person suffering from, for example, Retinitis Pigmentosa. 

The System

The ML RP is an inverted Galilean system with a magnification of 0.5X.

Easy to Handle

The system is very easy to mount in a frame. It should be used as a bi system mounted above or under the patient's normal angle of vision.


A correction and a filter can be incorporated into the system.