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ML Combi

A magnifying telescopic system with a small amount of magnification which makes orientation easy.

ML Combi is a magnifying system suitable for those who need a large visual field and not in need of maximal magnification. There are many situations where large magnification limits the visual field too much such as playing the piano or playing cards, times when it's important to have a good overview.

  • ML Combi is made of light weigt plastic and the system weighs only 10 grams.
  • Available in two magnifications, 20 % and 40 %.
  • It's possible to add individual prescription and/or add filter color for enhanced contrast. Read more about filter colors.
  • Can be used binocularly to have a better depth of vision.
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Magnification: 20 percent or 40 percent
Visual Field: 58° or 48°
Weight: 10 grams
Correction Limit: Sph. ±8 Cyl. -6 dioptres
Working Distance: Intermediate to infinity
Test Set: ML Combi Test set


Maximum visual acuity may not always be the most important consideration. A visual field that is not too limited may be more important. For example, when playing the piano, it is more useful to be able to see several keys at once than being able to focus clearly on just a couple. It is the when eating - it is better to be able to see all the food on your plate without having to move your head. ML Combi is a new type of Galilean telescopic system with a large visual field but slightly less magnification than binocular systems.


The ML Combi comes in two different magnifications:

  • ML Combi 20, 1.2X (magnifies 20 percent)
  • ML Combi 40, 1.4X (magnifies 40 percent)

Magnification of 1.2 may be adequate to significantly improve visual acuity without limiting the visual field too much. The low magnification does not affect judgement of distance and with a little training ML Combi can be used whilst moving around.

Visual field

Compared to the visual field of 2X telescopic system, which is seldom more than 16 - 18°, the ML Combi 20 offers a visual field as 58° and the ML Combi 40 a field of as much as 48°.

In situations where a maximum visual acuity is less important than good orientation, a good compromise is to choose a lower magnification as this will give a wider visual field. ML Combi then provides the perfect solution.


Correction can easily be incorporated into ML Combi. Press the correction ring on the ocular side and then press a 22 millimetre diameter lens onto the ring. No screws or adhesives are needed.
The system can also be ordered ready made from Multilens. A customised system can be ordered by specifying the patient’s distance correction and required working distance.


The new design of the housing reduces so called ring scotorna. In other words, there is less material to obscure the perpheral field of vision.This improves comfort, confidence and orientation for the user. 

Easy to fit

Fitting the ML Combi into a frame could not be easier. The mounting lens with its special edging part is as easy to edge as a plano lens. The system presses into the mounting lens with a positional precision down to hundredths of a millimetre. No screws, adhesives or other tools are needed. The same mounting system is also used for the ML Vidi and ML A2.


The large diameter of the ocular lens of ML Combi means that the exact position of the system is less critical than it is for stronger telescopic systems. The ML Combi can therefore easily be used by elderly persons without having to make painstaking adjustments.


The design of ML Combi makes it possible for the wearer to look through the mounting lens if desired and it is therefore possible to order a mounting lens with correction. This feature is greatly appreciated by people with myopia.


For ordering, the same order form
as for the ML Vidi can be used.

The ML Combi can be ordered with the user’s individual correction and also with a specific working distance or a filter. All such individual solutions can be incorporated into the system by Multilens.


All lenses of the ML Combi basic system are treated with anti reflex coating to provide superb image quality.


As for all our poducts it is possible to insert a filter into the system. This can be either a coloured plano lens or a coloured correction lens placed at the back of the correction ring.