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ML Prisma

ML Prisma is the name for a system of frames, flip-ups and lenses which could be combined into an endless of different ways. ML Prisma is available in two different sizes. 48 mm for adults and 38 for children.

The purpose of ML Prisma  is: 
- to simplify and improve the practical examination of the patient.
- to improve the optical quality towards lenses as the “Fresnel Press-on”
- to in longer perspective lower the costs because it is re-usable.


Circular lens
Ø 48mm with prism up to 10 
or spherical power from –3 to +3 dptr. Ø 38mm with prism up to 15 or spherical power from ±0 to +24 dptr

Half-moon shaped lens
Only as Ø 38mm and with prism up to 15
or spherical power from ±0 to +24 dptr

The lenses are:
- circular to able them to turn 360°.
- produced in "CR39", the best optical material for optical lenses. 
- edged with a facet to fit into frames and flip-ups.

Frame and flip-up

Double rimmed frame (with flextemple) Available for 38Ø and 48Ø-mm lenses. Double rimmed flip-up.  
Available for 38Ø and 48Ø-mm lenses.

It is for both the frame and the flip-up possible to fit two lenses per side. A prism lens in front and a spherical lens on the back.

Because the lenses are round they are possible to turn in order to correct the prism base exactly.

Middle ring

With this middle ring the 38Ømm lenses is possible to transfer into the larger 48Ømm frame and flip-up.

Ring with axis

Together with an double adhesive tape this ring could be fixed on to the patients normal spectacle. In this ring a 38Ømm lens could be mounted and turned to the correct base.

Flexible ring in metal

Into this flexible ring it is easy to press in a 38Ømm lens which thereafter could be placed into an Oculus testing frame or into the test frame described below.

Test frame for children

Test frame for Ø 38mm lenses
Available in 3 sizes
PD 50mm (yellow temples)
PD 55mm (blue temples)
PD 60mm (green temples)
PD 63mm (brown temples)

Temples in 2 different designs !

A As normal temple with flex. B As a straight temple with silicon hook. Makes it possible to adjust the length.

Test box

In a box a number of lenses, flip-ups and frames are delivered:

Complete box:  
1 Frame  
3 Flip-ups  
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7D  4 pcs/each
8 and 10D 2 pcs/each
Spherical lenses:  
+0.5, +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +3.0  2 pcs/each
Reduced box:  
1  Frame  
2 Flip-ups  
Prism lenses:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7D  2 pcs/each
8 and 10D 2 pcs/each
Spherical lenses:  
+1.0 och +2.0    2 pcs/each