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ML Filter Test Sets

Being able to shut out unnecessary light that is disturbing, or even potentially damaging to the eye, is an advantage for people with good vision as well as for those with reduced vision. This can be accomplished by using a filter. Yellow and yellowish-red filters are used to enhance the comfort and contrast. They also protect the retina from harmful shortwave blue and UV light.

ML Filter Flirp box

The flirp box is conviniant to use. Just ask the patient to hold a filter infront of his / her eyes (with glasses on if applicable) when testing. And when testing another colour, the patient just change flirp him / herself

ML Filter Flirp test set consist of:
1 flirp with 400 / LLR
1 flirp with C1 / 500
1 flirp with 450 / 511
1 flirp with 527 / 550
1 flirp with Pol 1 / Pol 3

Flirps that can be added to the box:
Flirp with 585/ML41
Flirp with ND20/ND21
Flirp with ND22/ND23

Neutral Density Filter (ND)

A neutral grey color that has the same light reduction of all wavelengths of the incoming light. With retained color vision the neutral density filter is the perfect fit for all people that require good color rendering.

ML Filter Showbox 

We have a ML Filter Showbox to ensure the correct filter fitting for your customers. The ML Filter Showbox contains test frames with our filters, making it easy for you to help your customers find the best solution according to their exact needs. For more information read ML Filter product sheet.

The ML Filter Showbox contains the following ML filters:
400 Absorbs all light below 400 nm and some light below 420 nm. Colour: Face colour
450 Absorbs all light below 450 nm. Colour: Lemon
500 Blocks 95% of all light below 500 nm. Colour: Yellow
C1 Blocks 80% of all light below 450 nm. Colour: Yellow
511 Absorbs all light below 511 nm. Colour: Orangey yellow
527 Absorbs all light below 527 nm. Colour: Orangey red
550 Absorbs all light below 550 nm. Colour: Red
585 It is also possible to complement the box with ML Filter 585. Colour: Dark red

Filter Box

Pick at least 4 different filter items (frames or flip-ups) and the box will be free of charge.

Filter in Oculusring

We have all our filter in oculusring:
Filter in oculusring 450, 511, 527 or 550 nm
Filter in oculusring 400, C1, 500 or 585 nm
Filter in oculusring polarized 1, 400, C1, 450, 500, 511, 527 or 550 nm
Filter in oculusring polarized 3, 400, C1, 450, 500, 511, 527 or 550 nm
Filter in oculusring polarized 1, without filter colour
Filter in oculusring polarized 3, without filter colour