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ML Filter Biocover Black

Filtersunglasses that you put on top of normal glasses.

ML Filter Biocover is made to be placed on top of your normal glasses. It has a very good fit and is more comfortable than other similar models. The frame is made out of castor oil unlike normal frames made out of plastic which are made out of fossil oil. It makes the frame a more environment friendly choice, moreover it has lifetime warranty!

It is available in black, dark bronze or hazelnut with side lenses in the same ML Filter-color as the front lenses. It comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large, to fit most head shapes and sizes.

Read more about the different filtersunglasses that you can order with ML Filter Biocover. Our Biocovers are of course also available for order with filter colors without polarization.

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Biocover - S

Colour: Black
Size: Small (Hbox: 60, Vbox: 40, Dbl: 12)
Width: ~13 cm
Base: 4

Biocover - M

Colour: Black
Size: Medium (Hbox: 64, Vbox: 42, Dbl: 13)
Width: ~14.2 cm
Base: 4

Biocover - L

Colour: Black
Size: Large (Hbox: 67, Vbox: 45, Dbl: 15)
Width: ~14.8 cm
Base: 4