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Visual sensitivity levels

Different levels of visual sensitivity

All filter sunglasses are grouped into different categories called, Visual Sensitivity Levels, to make it easier to select the most suitable ML Filters for different users. The levels are defined as follows:

Visual sensitivity level 1

Level 1 is for people with normal vision but who need better protection from the sun than standard sunglasses can provide. The polarizing layer effectively eliminates reflections and glare. This category includes all standard products with TAC lenses.

Visual sensitivity level 2

Level 2 is suitable for users who require a high level of protection from the sun or are bothered more than usual by light. At this level, the lenses filter out light under certain wavelengths far more effectively which blocks the high-energy, damaging blue light to varying degrees. This category includes all standard products with PM lenses.

Visual sensitivity level 3

Level 3 is suitable for people who require extremely high optical and imaging performance. ML Prima Sun or SunCoat is always standard for the products in this category.