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Information about Delivery Time

ML Lens program

We don’t store some unusual lens types which means longer delivery times for these items. Which lenses that are concerned is stated in the price list.

Stock lenses

Uncoated: Will be sent the next work day.
With Coat: Within 3 – 4 work days depending on type of coating.

RX Lenses

Uncoated: Within 1 - 4 work days depending on powers.
With Coat: Within 4 - 7 work days depending on type of coating.

ML Optio

15 work days.

Standard articles

Standard articles such as readymade filter glasses, ML Binovas, ML Monos and frames are grouped into 2 categories:

Category 1: When ordering normal volumes (up to about 5 pieces), these will be delivered the next working day.
Category 2: Will be delivered from us within 4 working days.

To which category each article belongs to is described in our pricelist.

Other Products

Delivery time for other products may vary depending on type of product, level of customization and stock levels. Unfortunately, we cannot state any general guidelines.

There will however always be a delivery date on the order confirmation and we can most of the times give you a good estimate if you contact us before you order.