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Production process

Here you can get a simplified sneak-peak of our production process where you hopefully get to know our different departments a little better. We will start with what happens after you have pressed the button to place an order up to just before you will receive it.



Starting phase


The order is received

Everyday we receive orders through e-mail, mail and fax from all around the world. The orders get sorted and sent to the corresponding department. Its also possible to place an order online, from our website.


The order is entered into our system

The prescription is entered into our system by either RX or our customer service, so that we can follow up on the progress throughout the whole process and estimate a delivery date. 



The RX-glasses have to be calculated precisely so that we know how they should be edged. We use a proprietary program for all glass types and edgings. This concerns multifocal lenses, prism lenses, magnification and other unusual and usual powers.



Our grindery - Production of lenses


Lens blocking

The lens is blocked to make sure that it is in the correct position for the grinding. In most cases, it is the rear side of the the lens (i.e. plastic material) that is grounded to the ordered strength with high precision from the values we calculated in the previous step.


Grinding of lens

Roughing of the curve takes place automatically under professional supervision. The most complicated RX lenses can not be grinded with computer support, and then it is a matter of qualified crafts.


Polishing of lens

The lens will now be polished with tools adapted to the strength and shape of the glasses.


De-blocking the lens

The last part of the grinding process, the de-blocking, is where the blocking material is removed from the front of the lens.




Surface treatments


Tinting of lenses 

Filter color is a surface treatment method. We make all of our filter color and dye ourselves according to "recipes" and scales that we develop in cooperation with our customers. The filter color can also be added to lenses with a polarized or photochromic layer that changes according to the sunlight. You decide - we develop and manufacture..


DURA - hard layer treatment

After the grinding process we treat the surface of most of our RX lenses. ML DURA is a method that makes the surface of the lens hard and basically insensitive to scratches.


PRIMA - antiglare

ML PRIMA is the layer after the ML DURA-layer, and this step gives the lens a super anti-reflective layer. The method we use is the most advanced in Europe so far, and we have had good help and qualified education from our Swiss suppliers.




Mounting and assembling


Glazing lenses in the frame

The process when the lens is mounted into the frame. In this department of the company we also produce ML BINO, an aid for those who want to read binocular at shorter distances.


SUN – filter mount frames

This is where our own filter frames are put together with various filter lenses. We have most of our filter lenses in stock, and mount these into the filters frames. Finished filter frames are then sent up to the warehouse of our packing department.


OPTIO - composition of special lenses

ML OPTIO is available in endless variations, and the idea is that we can tailor near and distance lenses in a multifocal system. What we have developed in our special grinding department is something unique that we keep to ourselves. A result that we are very proud of.


VIDI / SYSTEM - compound of lenses and system

ML VIDI is our own binocular system for the visually impaired, made for different profession contexts for near work. The VIDI department is a well-defined, dustless grindery where PRIMA-treated lenses are mounted into individually customized systems.


RX quality assurance - an additional quality control

We double-check our advanced lenses to maintain high standard, just to make sure you as a customer will recieve lenses with very good quality.




Inventory picking, packing and shipping


Stock articles

This is our final department before you recieve your package. Up here we may have our products in our inventory, ready to be sent to you the same day.



Here we have a last external control of the product. We also place the product with its accompanying items such as: cartons, cleaning cloths and cases.


Packing and shipping

Finally we pack all of the articles you have ordered from us in a box. This will be sent to you by one of our delivery companies: TNT, DHL, PostNord or FedEX.

If you would like your products to be sent to you with a company not listed above, please feel free to contact us through e-mail or phone.


Thank you for the visit!

We hope that you now have a clear insight when it comes to our production process, if otherwise, you are of course welcome to visit us personally to see how we work with your own eyes. Please be sure to give us a heads up first through e-mail or phone.