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Links to other relevant sites

ML Net - Our customer portal. This site will in the future be incorporated into this 
Nordiska Lins - Our site for contact lenses that we sell under the brand Nordiska Lins.
MeridentOptergo - Our sister company that offers optical solutions with focus on ergonomics to dentist and surgeons.
ML Filter - Our special site dedicated to ML Filter products.

Macula Lutea - An information resource on vision and visual impairment
Synskadades Riksförbund - The Swedish association for the visually impaired.
Syncentralerna - Contact details to all Low Vision centres in Sweden.   

Optikerförbundet - The association for all opticians and optometrists in Sweden. 
Föreningen för Synrehabilitering - An association of people active in the field of rehabilitation and training of visually impaired people.
Sveriges Kontaktlinsförening - The association of all people professionally active in the field of contact lenses.

Optikerutbildningen i Kalmar - Optometry education at Linnaeus Univeristy.
Optikerutbildningen på KI - Optometry education at Karolinska Institutet.